Formed in 2006, ISO Tanks (NZ) Limited is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company with vast experience in the ISO tank and tank container industry. Our company was formed to offer New Zealand businesses a dedicated provision of portable ISO tank containers.  It is our commitment and passion to deliver the safest and most cost-effective service countrywide

With an experienced and tested management team supported by a chain of global agents combined with a comprehensive customer service infrastructure, we have built a solid company capable of maintaining ongoing innovation and success.

ISO Tanks (NZ) Limited remains a leader in the ISO tank container industry by meeting the diverse and changing needs of bulk liquid producers in both the primary and secondary industries, ranging from agribusinesses to laboratory services.

That’s why Your Bulk is Our Business.


Project Management Skills

  • Technical, operational, and sales know-how
  • Extensive regulatory knowledge
  • Global network of alliances and partnerships
  • Regional customer care
  • Development of customised solutions and services
  • Proven reputation for Quality, Safety, and Efficiency

Our Signature Difference

ISO Tanks (NZ) Limited is the only company in New Zealand focused solely on the leasing of portable ISO tank containers.  We guarantee to deliver the most cost effective and efficient service for our clients by way of:

  • A dedicated team offering fast responses to your specific enquiry
  • Flexible short and long term contracts and competitive rates
  • Depot facilities throughout New Zealand and worldwide
  • A highly diversified fleet, suitable for a wide range of liquid cargos
  • Technical support as and when required

Our strong business initiative enables us to provide each of our clients with the highest level of performance and quality service, delivering reliable tailored solutions for all bulk liquid storage needs.

That’s why Your Bulk is Our Business.